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By Laura Lee Collins

You've had this idea for starting your own business and you want to get it off the ground, but you think to yourself, "Now's not the time in this sluggish economy". Truth is, NOW is a great time to start your own business. Big corporations are suffering from a slow US economy, however small businesses are seeing it as a great time to break loose and establish themselves in the spotlight. With big businesses reporting lagging sales, small businesses are seeing their sales grow.

Scott Aughtmon, an upcoming guest for the Business Owner's Toolkit radio show recently published a new e-book entitled "How Your Business Can Thrive and Prosper in A Recession." To create the book, he spoke to 18 top experts in marketing, sales and business. The result ended up being two volumes! One of the contributors, Jay Levinson, the author of the Guerilla Marketing series of books, provides some great inspiration for entrepreneurs who want to get started in a weak economy.

"I think that many companies retreat during a recession, opening niches and leaving many prospects ignored," Levinson said. "If you have a product or service that helps people conserve their funds, you're positioned as a winner." Levinson lives what he preaches. He attributes the success of his Guerilla Marketing series to timing - his books were published during a rough economic period which contributed to their popularity and success.

During a tough economy, small businesses don't always suffer from the same troubles affecting large corporations. In fact, when large corporations are cutting back, small business can benefit and grow from their downsizing. They can attract better talent, negotiate competitive pricing from key vendors, and break through the clutter that exists in faster economic times.

Business incorporation has never been easier with companies like BizFilings making the process affordable and readily available to entrepreneurs like yourself. This is an exciting time to start up your small business, but it's also smart to be cautious. Entrepreneurs often question whether forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or forming a corporation is the right direction for them Professional resources can help determine which business structure is the best for your new business.

Everyone agrees that our economy is in a rut, but the key to reversing this situation is by stimulating it with new businesses and venture growth. Every day spent thinking about starting your new business is a day's opportunity lost. Make a positive out of a negative by starting your new business today!

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