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The BDC Franchise Fundamentals Program:

With each client we begin with a FREE NO OBLIGATION FRANCHISE CONSULTATION reviewing your business relative to proven franchise operations and structures. If your business is deemed to have franchise potential, we then conduct an industry competitive analysis. Following our research, we produce a development plan that outlines your company’s expansion goals and financial projections. Active clients also receive the following franchise development components:
  • Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • An Iron Clad Franchise Agreement
  • Area Developer Agreement (ADA)
  • Professional Operations Manual - (template only)
  • Franchisee Compliance Certification - (optional)
  • Registration in Required States - (optional)
  • Site Selection Addendum - (optional)
  • Initial franchise marketing brochure - (optional)
  • Lease Assignment & Addendum to Lease Agreement - (optional)
BDC's Experienced Consultants Will Also Assist You To:

  • Eliminate Numerous Unnecessary Expenses
  • Avoid Costly, Possibly Devastating Franchising Mistakes
  • Pay for Your Franchise Development in as little as ONE FRANCHISE SALE!
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